Why Are There No Pictures of Antarctica From Space?

The question: Why are there no pictures of Antarctica from outer space? is a complex one. Typically, Earth-imaging satellites are too close to Antarctica to give a comprehensive view of the continent and are far above the equator. In addition, these satellites can only take pictures of the continent from a few kilometers above the surface. Consequently, the best photographs of Antarctica come from deep space missions.

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The picture you see on Google Earth doesn’t depict anything north of 85 deg N or south of 83 deg S. The image of the continent is a computer-generated image. NASA’s “Scientific Visualization Studio” created it. If you have access to Google Earth, you can see an almost blurred image of the continent’s ocean floor. However, this is a misleading image.

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Fortunately, there is a new way to view Antarctica. A new satellite, named LIMA, will soon begin to take pictures of the continent. The goal is to familiarize the public with Antarctica, explore its rich features, and demonstrate how satellite images can be used to predict how the continent will react to climate change. Despite these problems, satellite images will provide a much-needed view of the frozen continent.

The Antarctic is among the most remote places on earth, and monitoring its changes is difficult. With the increasing amount of atmospheric moisture in the atmosphere, seasonal changes in Antarctica are becoming increasingly severe. Ohio State University and the University of Minnesota conducted studies to understand why Antarctica is losing ice. They used satellite data provided by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).

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