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Street Market Or Mall – Which is Best For Shopping?

When it comes to shopping, which place do you prefer, a street market or a mall? Both have their pros and cons, but there are some notable differences between the two. The study, based on 220 responses, found that 54% of consumers would prefer to shop at a mall for its vast selection, while 35% would choose a street market for its more personal approach. The results of the study show that personal attention is extremely important for a large segment of consumers.

Shopping in a street market offers social interactions with the people selling the products. You can interact with them and bargain for lower prices, which can help your wallet stay a little longer. Alternatively, you can visit a mall to buy clothes or other items that you would never find in a street market. In either case, you are sure to find something you like! Then, make sure to check out the mall’s amenities.

Another important factor in choosing between a street market and a mall is the environmental impact of a purchase. You’ll reduce the impact on the environment if you buy local products. While online shopping has a lower carbon footprint than driving, shipping goods around the world has a high carbon footprint. However, street markets tend to offer upcycled and used items, which further promotes the eco-friendly mantra. Lastly, you can exchange unwanted items for new ones.

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