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The cast of “The CW’s The Flash” is back for season 2, and the fans are even more excited than usual. After all, it’s been a while since the show’s last season packed in as much time as it did. The new season will be a chance to see if the cast can produce another season of quality television with only a few episodes a week. So what will be on the docket for this season? Let’s find out!

Who is back?

In a nutshell, the second season of “The Flash” will be all about Barry Allen, Barry’s friend, and the people he loves. We get to see the intensity of their bond this season, as Barry and Iris witness his struggle to overcome his own problems, and the interactions of other characters in the process. We also get to see Barry in a more developed state this season, which is always a big boost for the character.

Which stars will return?

The returning cast of “The Flash” this season includes Camila Mendes as Risho, Willamar Castillo as Will, Carmen Ejogo as Amaya, Aja Naomi King as Shayera, John Wesley Shvern asocolin, and Ajay Devu Mann as Chrono.

How to watch “The Flash” season 2?

The first thing to get used to is how the season will be structured. The first two episodes of season 2 will be released as a one-shot video on the official CW website, and will then be followed by a regular schedule of nine half-hour episodes. So naturally, there’s no way to binge watch the entire season. Fortunately, though, the first two episodes will be available on demand, and you can expect the rest of the season to follow the same format.

Will Andrew Kravitz (Black Lightning) return as Barry Allen?

Yes, and no. For the second season, Barry Allen will be apart of the “Stark Righter” team, headed by Batkid Barry Allen. Yes, we’ve seen this team before in the hearts of many, and we’re looking forward to seeing who new members will join the cast. But for the second season, the latestforyouth character will be called “Barry Allen.”

What’s in store for Wally West and the gang?

For the second season, Wally West and thegang will be returning to the show with a vengeance. The “Coven” and “Fringe” alum will be back as The Flash, and he’ll be accompanied by his alter-ego, Barry Allen. The season will feature the return ofiology, “Coven” star Michelle Reuber will guest star as a new character called “Coven Queen.”

Can Jovan Belushi stay in the role of Jockstrapmaiden again?

At this point, it’s a given that Jovan Belushi will be back as Jockstrapmaiden. Yes, the late comedy icon will be returning as Jockstrapmaiden, and the two will team up to bring the Legends of Tomorrow episode “Jockstrapmaiden” to life. But Jovan will be acting as a character-extra, providing a unique spin on the usual formula.

And, who will be guest starring this season?

There are plenty of returning guest stars this season, including Rishi Kunz, Madi Service, and Will Reeger. Also returning is popular “Fringe” star St. Elmo’s Fire alum Joan Cusack, who will appear as part of the “Fringe” gang. So what will be on the docket for this season?

My favorite thing about “The Flash” season 2 ever!

The one thing “The Flash” season 1 had going for it is the beautiful opening sequence — the one-of-a-kind opening sequence from director Greg Rucka. But what will make “The Flash” season 2 extra special is how it jumps back to the present, flipping the timeline and bringing Barry and Cisco back together. Everything from this season’s opener will be available on demand, and you can expect the rest of the season to follow.

Summing up

The CW’s “The Flash” returns for its second season, and it promises to be another great experience. The cast, crew, and producers of the new show are more than ready to get back to work, and the fans should be excited as well. But how will “The Flash” season 2 look, taste, and perform? The answers to these questions will determine whether or not “The Flash” season 2 lives or dies. But at least we know where we’re going next!

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