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At last, the final footage from the first season of The Blacklist is available online. The second season finale, “Human Target” aired on February 4th, so fans who have been following the show closely will know that this was going to be their last episode before it wraps up its run. In addition to its mystery-filled conclusion, “Human Target” also showcased some new faces and revealed a few more details about the ensemble cast. Today, we’re going over everything you need to know about the finale and how you can watch it for free in HD on Netflix.

What is The Blacklist?

The Blacklist is a U.S. HBO original series, created and executive produced by Chuck Lorre and based on the book series of the same name. The show follows an elite group of homicide investigators as they investigate the bizarre and highly sensitive case of the Black Lives Matter movement. The series follows the main cast as they investigate cases all across the U.S. and focus in on the “human target.”

How can I watch The Blacklist for free online?

To watch The Blacklist for free on Netflix, all you need to do is find the movie or movie series you’d like to see, look at the links below, and then search for “The Blacklist”. You can find tons of great TV shows, box-office hits, and recent releases on Netflix, so if you’re looking for something different, you can easily search for “The Blacklist” and you’ll be surprised how much of what you might’ve missed out on.

Why do people care about The Blacklist?

Many people are interested in the show because of the Black Lives Matter movement (BlM), which was the inspiration for the series. In season two, the main cast learned that the movement was sparked by the death of a Black man, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri. The episode “White Lives Matter” brought the entire series to the fore of its subjects, but the most important one will be “The Blacklist.” The Blacklist is also a Tumblr and Instagram account, which means that people can follow the show and its characters and stay in touch with the latest update celebrities age.

What’s the official link to watch The Blacklist in HD on Netflix?

The official link for the Blacklist in HD on Netflix is The links for the other seasons are listed below:

4 ways The Blacklist delivered on its promise in season two

  1. The first season of The Blacklist brought viewers a new, deeper look at the series’ leading characters. We’re still in the process of healing from the “Human Target” cliffhanger, but season one answered our questions on who the main characters were, what they were doing, and where they’re at in their lives. The second season answered our questions on the season’s overall goals, exploring developments in the case and providing a clearer picture of the overall storyline. 2. In season three, the writers once again turned their attention to the case of Michael Brown, and their focus turned toward the “human target.” This time, the focus was on the young black man out Of The Blacklist. The series finale left fans with plenty of questions, such as how the writers would react if they were in Brown’s shoes and experiencing the same thing? The Blacklist answers these questions and more as the season three starts.


The Blacklist has been a smash hit since its inception, winning Emmys for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama for Sean Meighan. With the fourth season of the series set to arrive in 2019, it’s clear that the show’s success is nothing short of phenomenal. The Blacklist is a binge-able series, with each season bringing new revelations and fascinating characters to light. The Blacklist is actually a really interesting show, and if you’ve been following the show since its inception, you’ll thank me for that. Netflix’s new season of The Blacklist is available to stream now. The Blacklist is available on Netflix. Click the following links to watch the series in high-def: – The Blacklist – Orange Is The New Black – Orange Is The New Black 2 – Westworld – Orange is The New Black: Special Edition – The WildC.A.T.s. – American Gods: The Complete First Season – American Gods: The Complete First Seasons 1-2

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