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How to Use the Alexa App for PC

To get started using the Alexa app for PC, simply click on the Start button (it’s at the bottom-left corner of your screen, next to the Windows logo). Next, click on the Alexa icon and then select Settings. On the Alexa on PC tab, you can enable the app to respond to your voice even when the computer is locked. To activate the feature, select the gray circle next to the ‘Alexa on PC’ button and click on the ‘Respond while locked’ option.

To enable hands-free access, select the Start menu > Settings and then go to Alexa. In the Settings window, select the option to “wake word” to activate the PC’s voice assistant. If your computer doesn’t have this feature, you can still activate the app by clicking on the “Alexa” button. In addition to calling Alexa on your PC, you can also play music from various apps, listen to audiobooks through Audible and even play radio stations.

The Alexa app for PC can also help you control smart home devices. With a range of voice commands, you can control lighting and other smart home appliances. Once you’ve installed the Alexa app for PC, you can use it to control your lights and turn up or down the volume of your favorite music. There are thousands of other skills to choose from, so it’s easy to find something that interests you.

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