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How to Use Alexa As an External Speaker

Want to know how to use Alexa as an external speaker? The first step is to connect your Alexa to your PC. This is quite simple – just open the app, tap on the menu, and plug the other end of the audio cable into the headphone jack of your PC. From there, you can play any audio source on your PC. To use Alexa as an external speaker, you’ll need an audible device such as a fire stick or cube factnewsph

Besides using it to play music, you can also pair your Echo Dot with an external speaker. The Sonos Five offers crisp sound and deep bass. You can set up this speaker with the Echo Dot and use voice commands to control it. Another advantage of this speaker is its compact size. It does not come with a remote but can be controlled by voice commands. The Sonos Five is a good choice if you want to use Alexa as an external speaker.

Another way to use Alexa as an external speaker is to pair it with a Bluetooth speaker. This way, you can play music, TED talks, recipes, and so much more. The Bluetooth speaker works with your PC’s Bluetooth port as well. The Echo will announce its connection to the external speaker when it is nearby. Likewise, it can also control other devices connected to Bluetooth. While pairing the Echo with a Bluetooth speaker is more difficult, it’s not impossible – just follow these simple steps partyguise

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