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How to Fix Alexa Not Responding But Lighting Up

The first thing you should check is whether your Echo is powered on or not. If it is, the problem could be due to the power supply. If you’ve recently purchased your Echo, you may have disconnected it from the power source. A loose connection or faulty adapter could also be to blame. If these issues occur, it’s important to contact Amazon and ask for a replacement. Otherwise, you can try the tips below to resolve the problem.



Another common problem that can prevent Alexa from responding to voice commands is a sound recognition problem. If the problem is related to sound, try moving the speaker away from any background noise. Alternatively, try rephrasing your questions to make sure that Alexa understands them correctly. To improve the understanding of the device, turn off the television or music player before giving the voice commands. If none of these steps fix the problem, try these tricks instead.



If you’ve tried a few different solutions for this problem without success, you may have to reboot the device. In many cases, rebooting the device fixes the problem. The device will then connect to Wifi and reboot. This can take up to two minutes. However, if you’re using an Amazon Alexa-enabled device, the problem could be a minor glitch. The following methods will help you to fix Alexa not responding but lighting up historyglow

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