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Demographics of Fashion Designers

Fashion designers make up a diverse group of professionals. The following table lists the demographics of the fashion design profession. Males and females make up roughly equal shares of the workforce, although men tend to be more interested in the field. The following chart shows the gender split among fashion designers. The graph also shows the median age of these professionals. Generally, male employees are 0.722 years older than their Female counterparts. Despite these differences, men are more likely to work as a fashion designers.

While American fashion design is highly diverse, the country is dominated by a clean-cut, urban hip aesthetic. This reflects the active lifestyles of the middle class. The fashion industry is a $1.2 trillion industry around the world. Its success is based on the ability of designers to predict consumer trends and to develop their collections accordingly. While some designers are primarily geared toward teenage girls, others focus on business professionals.

Most fashion designers are self-employed, although they can also work for apparel retailers and manufacturers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary of a fashion designer was $73,600 in 2015, a $5,721 increase from the previous year. Regardless of the location, fashion designers share the same career goals: a creative, fulfilling career. With a wide range of employment opportunities, it is important to consider the demographics of a fashion designer.

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