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Alexa Statistics 2021

When you ask Alexa to perform tasks for you, she can give you all kinds of personal information, including your ethnicity, political views, and reading and buying habits. She can even tell you where you’ve been and who you’ve met. In fact, Amazon collected 90,000 recordings of family members between 2017 and 2021, averaging 70 per day. In one study, Alexa revealed the name of each child and the songs that they enjoy listening to.

According to Alexa statistics, more people are using their devices with a screen than the rest. Seventy-four percent of owners of an Alexa screen device say they use it at least once a week, compared to 66 percent of Echo dot owners. However, this increase isn’t without its drawbacks, including limited usability and the discovery of new features. In fact, half of all Alexa users discover at least some features within the first three hours after activating the device. This indicates that the popularity of Alexa may have peaked.

The global market for smart speakers is growing rapidly. Approximately half a billion people in the US own a smart speaker. In addition to using Alexa for everyday tasks, most people use these devices on mobile devices. However, Amazon created an entirely new market by selling smart speakers, such as the Echo, which are becoming more popular. In fact, the smart speaker market is predicted to reach 53 million units worldwide in 2020, surpassing Google’s 33 percent share in 2015.

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