5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a big event that leaves a significant impact on your life. Getting a divorce can be an extremely difficult process for those who have never been divorced. The right Birmingham divorce attorney can help in navigating legal proceedings and ensure you get the desired results. To hire the right attorney, you should ask them certain questions. So what are the questions you should ask them before hiring? Check the list below: 

1. How Many Divorce Cases Have You Resolved? 

Getting a divorce is complicated and causes heavy stress. Choose a lawyer who has handled and won many divorce cases as they can handle your case confidently. The more cases a lawyer has handled, the more chances of them helping you to win their case. 

2. How Frequently Do You Get Into an Out-of-Court Divorce Settlement?

You may sometimes fail divorce proceedings in court. If this happens, it’s likely your divorce case will last longer and be more expensive. Agreeing on a divorce settlement outside court is preferable. External settlement helps you and your ex-partner to compromise without the requirement for prolonged litigation. You should ask them how often they got into an out-of-court divorce settlement. If you can find a divorce attorney with a commendable track record to settle into an agreement outside court, you should hire them. 

3. Do You Know My Spouse or Their Attorney?

Your divorce lawyer should be someone who fulfills your interests without bias toward your ex. Ensure you hire an attorney who doesn’t have any connection with involved parties. 

4. Do You Prefer to Negotiate and Mediate or Go to Trial?

Going to trial is going to prolonged proceedings. You should ask the lawyer if they prefer to negotiate and mediate or go to trial. If you want negotiation and mediation, but the divorce lawyer wants to go to trial, you are likely to clash and work at cross purposes. You should find an attorney whose work approach aligns with your wishes. 

5. What Type of Experience Do You Have in Dealing With Financial Settlements?

Every type of divorce involves money, be it in the form of a valuation of money. You should ensure a divorce lawyer has rich experience in handling such matters to get the desired outcomes. 

The Bottomline

Hiring the right divorce attorney gets quite easy if you ask the questions above. Consider their answers to hire the best lawyer to fight for your divorce case. 

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